(Misleading but delicious) Chicken Pot Pie

Someone expressed interest in my chicken pot pie recipe after I’d stated that my mother claims I have made my childhood favorite my own. I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud of my kitchen exploits. And this was less than two hours after I had a frenzied mishap and learned firsthand why one doesn’t use tapioca flour to make a sauce. Ick.

But I digress.

My family calls this chicken pot pie, but I guess it’s better labeled “chicken & biscuits” as we never make it a pie, we always made biscuits to serve it on. I can’t claim the biscuit recipe, I found it at Paleobunker.

Misleading Chicken Pot Pie:

1/3 cup fat (quality butter, ghee, olive oil, etc. I generally use ghee, but I bet this would be great with good lard or bacon fat)

1/3 cup almond flour/meal

1/2 yellow onion, chopped. (Or a whole one, if it’s small or medium-sizeish. Or a large one, if you are like me and LOVE onion)

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp pepper

1 3/4 cups chicken or turkey broth (The quality of the broth makes ALL the difference here. I promise.)

2/3 cup coconut milk (will NOT taste coconutty, but might smell a little tropical while you’re cooking. That’s normal.)

2 cups cooked & chopped chicken or turkey

10-16 oz veggies (Frozen veggie medleys can be hard to find that are totally Paleo. Carrots, turnips, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, and celery work well in this, though! Happy chopping!

In a saucepan (or stockpot if making a double batch) on medium-low, heat fat until melted or heated. Add onions, and cook til soft and bubbly. Blend in almond flour, salt, & pepper, stirring continuously, and increase heat to medium. Stir in broth & coconut milk, heat to boiling while stirring constantly. Stir in chicken & vegetables, reduce heat to low. If it seems to juicy, continue to simmer on low to reduce liquid.


Never underestimate your broth. I think that’s what made my version distinctive from what my mother used to make. Both versions are good, but starting with a really good broth elevates everything. I prefer to use my own homemade chicken stock, and I’ve also successfully made this with diluted beef stock. I almost never make a single batch of this, I always make a double. And I probably always throw in extra chicken but hey, we need good protein, right? Right.

Now I’m hungry!

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I'm a twenty-something in the Boston area, juggling work, online classes, a marriage, and everything else that life throws at me! I'm kind of a nerd, and tend to share my thoughts as a way to work through them. Hope you can tolerate my ramblings about Paleo/Primal recipes, baking, running, cosplay, and bellydance!
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